At Lux Solutions, our mission is to give our clients the edge in today’s marketing world. We provide premium sales and lead generation services to put our clients’ brands directly in the hands of as many consumers as possible. Our approach to training and development creates immediate and sustainable growth for our clients to rapidly blossom in today’s dynamic economy.

We carefully research and analyze market trends to create personalized, innovative promotions that produce unprecedented growth. Our unique approach connects you with your target audience – which builds true brand loyalty and increases revenue.

Lux Solutions is a dedicated
team of marketing innovators.

Our foundation is built on our unique and energetic team of creative experts. Their expertise, abilities and forward thinking approach drives the change that sets us apart in an ever-evolving marketplace.


We learn everything we can about what makes your business work .


We develop custom solutions that will promote market growth and sustainable results.

Sustainable Growth

Our priority is making sure your marketing plan is built to last and keeping your customers.


We maintain up-to-date optimization practices so your brand is always miles ahead of the competition.

The power of outsourcing is fundamental to our clients’ growth and provides Lux Solutions with the opportunity for limitless expansion.

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